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Aquatic Bodywork

J   A   H   A   R   A ®

The Gentle Power of Water


Jahara Means "Precious Stone" 

By Arjana Brunschwiler

 Published in the Swiss newsletter “Unsere Welle”;  August 2002.

My own posture blossoms with the way my body unfolds and turns with Jahara's Aquatic Footwork. It is surprising how different this posture is from the large, spread-legged posture of Watsu.  There is a great elegance and grace visible when a Jahara® Specialist is aware of the full length of the spine and when movement is an expansion from the coccyx up to the atlas...

Arjana co-founded WaterDance® and is the director of the Institut für Aquatische Körperarbeit®, Switzerland.

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Thoughts on Jahara System

By Barbara SchmidHydrotherapy.

Moving in water is completely different from moving on land and activates a whole different set of muscles. Without changing our kinesthetic attitude consciously, we move in water in the same way that we move on land - against resistance. In doing so, we miss the point: the support that water can offer us. So in Jahara we first learn how to move...

Barbara Schmid is Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, and Gestalt therapist.

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 Jahara Defined

 By BeBe Conrad

In Jahara® everything is based on 2 elements: the body’s structure and the physical properties of water. Our goal is to give expansion to the spine.  What we are doing at each moment is very precise, and is always based on the Jahara® Concepts and Principles...  Concepts are the ideas, and the Principles are the actions of what we are creating...

BeBe Conrad is a Jahara Teacher.

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Jahara – Technique and Philosophy of Life

  By Valerie Gaillard

 Published in the Argentinean magazine “Medicinas Alternativas”;  July 2003.

The Jahara® aquatic therapy is based on very simple key concepts, which lay the foundations of its technical excellence and promote astonishing results. It was created by Mario Jahara, a well-known Zen Shiatsu teacher of Brazilian origin...

Valerie Gaillard directs the Shiatsunuad School in Argentina, and is a Zen Shiatsu and Thai Massage Teacher.

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Dedicated to grandma Virginia Jahara, a living inspiration of the power of gentleness.

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