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Aquatic Therapy

J   A   H   A   R   A ®

The Gentle Power of Water

Jahara® Basics

Jahara® is rooted in the understanding of two fundamental elements: the body structure and the physical properties of water. In Basics, students are introduced to the concepts and principles of Jahara®, and also to its fundamental  footwork patterns and movements.Aquatic Bodywork, Third Arm(tm).

From day one, this course focus in how to work without effort, relying on practical knowledge, not on physical strength. The techniques presented are designed to help the aquatic therapist to work safely, comfortably and creatively with anyone.

Relaxation without support leads to contraction of the body structure. Relaxation with support brings expansion. Providing the client’s body with support is a fine skill in aquatic bodywork. This class places emphasis on developing such skill. Other exercises will help you to blend the flotation device so smoothly in a treatment that it becomes “invisible” to the receiver.

In a stress-free atmosphere, and based on clear technical fundaments, in Jahara® Basics you will have the opportunity to develop your unique qualities as an aquatic therapist, integrating freedom with support, and technique with heart. 

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Dedicated to grandma Virginia Jahara, a living inspiration of the power of gentleness.

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