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Aquatic Bodywork

J   A   H   A   R   A ®

The Gentle Power of Water

Jahara® Specialist Qualifications

What is a Specialist (js) qualified to do?


 Give professional Jahara® sessions to healthy clients.


 Assist in teaching classes, by invitation of a qualified Jahara® teacher.


 Give Jahara® Presentations, by permission of the Jahara® Advisory Committee.


 Lead Jahara® ActivExercise™ classes, by permission.

Third Arm(tm) techniques.

What is an Advanced Specialist (jas) qualified to do?


 Give professional Jahara® sessions to clients with special conditions.


  Lead Jahara® ActivExercise™ classes, by permission.


  Assist in teaching classes, by invitation of a Jahara® teacher.


  Give Jahara® Presentations and Introductions, by permission.


  Give Jahara® Basics Review classes, by permission.

Giving Presentations, Qualified Classes

     General Guidelines

    • All Presentations, Intros and Review Classes are by permission only and are to be held under the supervision of the Jahara® Advisory or Local Committee.

    • Jahara® Technique is to be presented in its own time slot and is not to be blended with other aquatic bodywork modalities.

    • Presentations, Intros, ActivExercise™ and Review classes are to be held within the Specialist’s scope of knowledge/licenses.

    • All written class/presentation materials are to be copyrighted, with the ®  symbol placed next to the word Jahara  and the ™ symbol included next to the Jahara® trademark words.

     Presentation Guidelines

    • Presentations are 4 hours maximum in length.

    • Presentations are not about teaching.

    • Presenter may guide Footwork Patterns in the pool, and give exercises to help feel the gentle power of water.

    • Presenter may lead Jahara® ActivExercises™ practices for land and pool.

    • It is recommended to show the Jahara® Presentation video.

    • It is recommended to talk about the conceptual approach of Jahara®: the 5 Concepts.

     Introduction Class Guidelines

    • Intro classes are 8 hours maximum in length.

    • Every movement is to be taught with Footwork.

    • Every class activity must protect the body structure, with attention given to neck and lower back support.

    • JAS must talk about the conceptual approach of Jahara®: the 5 Concepts.

    • It is recommended that one co-teaches the first Introduction with another JAS.

    • If group size is larger than 8, an assistant is needed.

     Review Class Guidelines

    • Review classes are 8 hours maximum in length.

    • New materials cannot be taught; however, updated, changed versions of known exercises and movements should be shown.

     ActivExercise™ Class Guidelines

    • ActivExercise™ classes are 30 to 45 minutes long.

    • Specialist is to be in the pool while leading the class.

    • Pool temperature, depth and size need to be suitable for the class.

    • It is recommended to hand out a class outline that includes the benefits and purpose of each exercise.

JAHARA® and the Jahara® logo are registered trademarks.

Other Jahara® trademarks include, but are not limited to:

aquatic footwork;  activexercises;  third arm;  tcs (triangular cervical support);  the gentle power of water;   structural bodywork in wateraquatic body integration;  structural shiatsu;  zen shiatsu for aquatic therapies;  jahara basics, expansion & integration.

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Dedicated to grandma Virginia Jahara, a living inspiration of the power of gentleness.

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