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J   A   H   A   R   A ®

The Gentle Power of Water

Jahara(R) TCS(tm) for Hydrotherapy, Aquatic Bodywork.

2015 — 20 years of Jahara®

"I selected Jahara® as the main Hydrotherapy discipline for our college program. It teaches modesty, professional integrity, and it also protects the therapist’s body. Integrated into the rehabilitation process, Jahara® improves a variety of disabilities and impairments. The ActivExercises are most suitable for postural and movement control, and empower the patient by making them responsible for their own body."  Osnat Douer — Director of the Hydrotherapy department at Wingate Institute and lecturer at Bar Ilan University, Israel. Masters degree in Adapted Physical Activity.


Aquatic Bodywork


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